Overview of GeoXp Technical Consultancy in Coal Mining


Overview of GeoXp Technical Consultancy in Coal Mining

GeoXp established in Year 2009 providing Drilling, Geophysical Logging and Exploration Management Services. In year, 2015 is expanding the services by providing a Mining Technical Consulting to the Mining Industry within Indonesia providing Technical Services to mine owners, contractors and investors. The major focus for GeoXp is within the Coal Mining Sector where the greatest level of expertise exists within the company.

The Principals of the company, Mr. Achmad Hawadi and Mr. Muhamad Harun have a combined experience within the Coal Industry for over 60 years, with Mr Hawadi having over 33 years experience in Indonesia and Mr Harun having over 28 years.

These key managers, in association with qualified and experienced technical staff and associate consultants, can demonstrate significant knowledge of and experience in the Indonesian Coal Mining Sector. The Management Team has considerable experience in providing the diverse range of services which are required to secure the key deliverables of any project.

GeoXp has undertaken numerous Exploration Management, Resources and Reserves Assessment, Technical Feasibility Study and Due Diligence for International and local mining companies, banks and institutional investors.

GeoXp employs quality Indonesian geologist, mining engineers and Competent Persons for KCMI and JORC Codes Reporting, all of whom have extensive experience of working in Indonesia. Technical Staff and Associate Consultants have significant and knowledge of the coal industry and have extensive experience in providing the types of services required to secure the key deliverables of any study type.

The client list is extensive and includes international and domestic coal companies, and finance institution.